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Natural antioxidants.




The Largest Organ of Your Body

Your skin is the largest organ of your body, which absorbs 60% of the products you use topically, so why feed it manufactured  chemicals, preservatives, pesticides, alcohol, artificial colors, dyes and ingredients that could be harmful to your health?  

Feed your skin with natural antioxidants and plant-based protection against free radical damage. What foods are high in antioxidants? Topanga Tonics superfood for your skin is the best organic anti aging  body care product filled with nutrients and pure food grade ingredients high in antioxidants.

Your skin is also an important part of your body's excretory system which releases waste and toxins through sweat glands and perspiration so why block your skin's natural detox process by covering it with wax fillers and other commercial ingredients that block its natural function?

Don’t clog your skins natural detoxifying function with parabens, gum emulsifiers,

wax fillers and barriers that clog your pores.

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Prevent free radical damage with Topanga Tonics.

What foods are high in antioxidants?

TOPANGA TONICS Natural Plant Based Protection

Pure and Natural Scent Uplifts Your Spirit

Topanga Tonics Superfood Body Butter is made of natural or certified organic ingredients pure enough to eat.   What foods are high in antioxidants?  Pure un-deodorized natural cocoa butter, organic shea butter and organic coconut oil are unrefined to retain their valuable natural nutrients.   It has a natural mild chocolate aroma to which steam-distilled, organic essential oil of basil (ocimum basilicum) has been added to uplift body-mind-spirit. Basil is used extensively in Ayurvedic medicine to enhance the luster of dull-looking skin and hair, refresh mental fatigue, alleviate migraines and depression.  In Italy women wore basil to attract possible suitors.

Concerned About Aging Skin?

Topanga Tonics Superfood Body Butter is rich in proteins and saturated fats which reduce moisture loss on skin and is praised for its anti-aging, antioxidants, antimicrobial and disinfectant properties.  Protect your skin from free radical damage with the best natural antioxidants.

Topanga Tonics Superfood Body Butter is hand crafted, whipped four times in stainless steel until a luxurious creamy texture is achieved.

Topanga Tonics Superfood Body Butter special formula contains three major antioxidants, Vitamin E, polyphenols and phytosterols that help protect against ultraviolet light and helps prevent aging and free radical damage on skin. What foods are high in antioxidants?  High in non-saponifiables makes this super food body butter excellent in improving skin elasticity and reducing stretch marks.

Plant-based natural antioxidants against free radical damage.

Excellent emollient improves skin's elasticity and moisture.

Rich in proteins and saturated fats praised for anti-aging foods.

Polyphenols and phytosterols help restore skins smoothness.

Ayurvedic essential oils enhance skin luster and restore spirit.

No toxic chemicals, alcohol, preservatives, added color or dyes.

No filler waxes that clog pores and skin's natural detoxing function.